Weather-Resistant Exterior Window Treatments

Numerous options of exterior window treatments are available in the market. These window treatments can help in giving a new and refreshing look to your existing window. But you can also protect your window from the extremes of the weather conditions by using weather-resistant exterior window treatments. Such treatments are also helpful to conserve energy for maintaining the in-house temperature. Read through to know about various treatments available and chose the one which best suits your budget and requirements.

Window Films

A thin film is applied directly to exterior of your window in order to block the rays of the sun into your home. This film helps to reduce the increase in heat inside your home during summer season and at the same time it helps to retain the inner warmth of the house by preventing the escape of heat to outside. Therefore, it can help you to conserve the energy resources.

Adding Shades

You can add shades to your exterior windows in order to get protection from heat and moisture. There are water-repellant, waterproof or high-density polyethylene fabric shades available, which would not tear, mold or fade away even in extreme weather conditions. Some of the shades can also block the UV rays from entering your home. Roman shades can also be hung in order to give an elegant look to your windows.

Window Coverings

There are numerous energy-saving window coverings available which helps in providing you with perfect insulation required for your house. There are awnings that can allow low-angled winter sunlight into the house and convert it to heat energy and at the same time it will prevent hot summer light to even strike the exterior window.


Hang water proof curtains outside your exterior windows, which will not only give shade to your home but also prevent the moisture and heat from entering inside. Numerous shades and styles are available in the market, and you can select one that best matches your exteriors of the house and provides a stylish look to it.

Vinyl Shutters

These shutters are also referred to as composite shutters or polylite shutters and they can be ordered according to your window specifications. Exterior vinyl shutters can protect your home from the extremes of the weather effectively and yet it can be installed easily. These vinyl shutters come in various color shades and at the same time are UV resistant. You can also fix a rolling shutter inside or outside your window to make it weather resistant.

Functional Exterior Shutters

Buy this type of shutter for your exterior windows when you live in a place like eastern coastline, where there is a possibility of hurricanes. As the name implies, this shutter will not only give a curb appeal to the windows but also protect your home from the damages caused by the hurricane. You should buy functional shutters which are approved by your local building code. The hardware required to fix them should also be of good quality if you want it to be durable.