Wedding Gift Ideas for Children to Give to their Parents

Letting your kids purchase a wedding gift is a great way to get them involved in your big day. Allow them to choose whatever they want to give you, the happy couple, without your interference.

Family Assistance

Ask another family member, friend or member of the wedding party to take them shopping. Children have their own ideas of what they find special and shopping on their own could means a lot to them. They will undoubtedly enjoy the experience and feel as if they are participating in their own way on your important day.

Handmade vs. Bought

Maybe they would rather use their own hands to craft something from the heart instead of buying it at the local mall. They can pool their allowance monies together and purchase items and ingredients to make a memorable homemade gift you will treasure for years to come. Here are some simple ideas for wedding gifts that your kids can buy or make.

Picture Frames

Special ornate wedding picture frames in various colors with photos of the kids inserted make nice wedding gifts. Even picture frames of the family’s pets or vacation photos when everyone was together can be placed in a beautiful frame for lasting memories.

Shadow Boxes

Children can make shadow boxes and fill them with the parents’ favorite things like keepsakes, items from the wedding or early childhood things like shoes, first bottle or first piece of hair.

Gift Certificates

Have kids purchase gift certificates to your favorite restaurant, spa, and gym or even to the movies. These are things you can use any time, any day and especially when you need a break from it all.

Cooking Classes

Cooking shops and kitchen gourmet stores often conduct classes ranging from how to create full on meals to fancy desserts. The classes could be a nice gesture for the newly happily married couple and something they can do together.

Gift Baskets

Children can create a winning gift basket with the couple’s favorite things like certain wines, champagnes or other liquors, cheeses, canned fish, fresh fruits, sweets and more. The kids can add wine glasses, silverware, linen napkins and dishes, too.

Baked Goods

Maybe the kids want to make the couple something rather than buy a gift at a store. Have them bake a big chocolate cake with a special liqueur frosting, or brownies that are decorated beautifully or whip up a dozen gourmet cupcakes that would be great after the wedding when the couple is alone.

Home Spa

Let the kids decorate the bath at home with fresh roses, fill the bathtub with luxurious bubbles, add scented candles, chilled wine, strawberries and cream, piped in romantic music, warm towels and robes. Then, make sure they are sent away on a sleepover for the night so the newlyweds can enjoy their own private spa at home.

Engraved Items

Have a special glass or two engraved with the couple’s initials or a serving platter, serving utensils or even monogrammed towels can brighten any bathroom.

Plant a Tree

Take the kids to a local plant nursery to purchase a magnolia tree, small pine or whatever is their favorite tree and plant it in the backyard of the family home. Everyone can watch it get bigger and stronger as time goes by.