Wedding Planning - Don't Forget The Candles! Wedding Planning - Don't Forget The Candles!

Candles should be an essential part of any wedding planning list. Often associated with romance and love, candles can be placed in the church, or used during the reception. If you are intending to include these as part of an ongoing theme during the wedding day, then you may be wondering about the range and colors of candles available for your special day.

Candles for the Wedding Ceremony

If you will use the candles for your wedding ceremony, then you should try and purchase small, discrete candles. There are many tea-light sized candles which are available in the shape of roses, or even of birds and insects, which would fit in with any theme. If you are still at the wedding planning stage, then you may find a particular variety of candle which you want to use, and can build other themes around them.

Candles for the Wedding Reception

Candles for the wedding reception can be a little more extravagant. You may wish to use large candles held in decorative holders, or aromatherapy candles. You would have to make sure that the scents of the latter don't clash with any wedding food being served.


If you are interested in holding a greener wedding ceremony, look for beeswax or organic wax candles, or even recycled. These can provide the same lighting as traditional candles, but will fit in with an environmentally friendly wedding theme.

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