Wedding Planning Tips - How to Create a Seating Chart Wedding Planning Tips - How to Create a Seating Chart

A seating chart can be a good thing to have when planning a wedding. It takes the awkwardness away from the guests who are not sure where to sit or ask if a seat is taken. It also makes reserving tables easier and getting the more important people closer to the bride and groom.

Guest List

The first thing is to get a pretty accurate count of who is coming to the wedding. Make the RSVP a month before the wedding, if time allows. Late RSVP will trickle in the mail after this date, but at least you can get started on the seating chart. Start by making a master list of all the guests. Then separate the list into groups of families and friends that are familiar with each other.

Make a Diagram

Create a layout of the room or space you are having your wedding at. Place circles on the map to represent tables. Print all the names on a sheet of paper and cut into rectangles. This will make it easy to move the names around until they are placed at a suitable table and glued down. Be sure mark where the bride and groom will be sitting. Mark where food will be set up, DJ equipment and speakers, cake, presents and dance floor. Number or give a theme name to each table. The name or number of the table can be called out by the DJ, during the reception if it is a buffet style dinner.  

Deciding Who Goes Where

Start with the wedding party, then family and then friends. You may want to sit older guests, like grandparents away from loud speakers, as they may not enjoy the loud music. The wedding party can either be seated at the same table as the newlyweds or a separate table near by. The tables closest to the bride and groom should be reserved for immediate family. You can split the space in half and designate one side of the room for the groom's guests and one side for the brides. This starting point will give you an idea of how to place guests at the tables and makes conversing amongst the guests easier. Put people who know each other at the same table so they will have something to talk about. Group co-workers together, high school friends together, etc.

Place Setting

At each place setting you should have name tags to designate who's spot it is. You can purchase small frames and put the name of the guest in it with a love quote, the couple's names and wedding date. Or make name tags that can be applied to the party favor and place the party favor in the wine glass or on top the plate.

Finding Their Seat

Rather than have people wandering around looking for their place, have an usher or several ushers lead them to their tables. If you do not have extra people to usher guests to their seat you can find a creative way to label the tables. Incorporate the number or theme name into the centerpiece. Make it visible, but you don't want it to be tacky. A piece of nice paper folded in half will sit nicely next to the centerpiece. Put the diagram at the entrance so guests can see where they should be seated or simply make a list that tells them what table to go to. 

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