Wedding Planning Tips for the Bachelorette Party Wedding Planning Tips for the Bachelorette Party

With all the stresses that go with wedding planning, there is an opportunity to relax with friends. Planning a fun bachelorette party will help you escape from all of the important decisions that need to be made for the wedding itself. Here are some tips to put together a bachelorette party.  

Tip 1 - Planning

It is customary for the bridesmaids to plan the party. The maid of honor should have first choice on the planning, but if she has already done the bridal shower, the others may want to step in to help with planning and costs. If their hands are full with wedding details, a close friend with more time on their hands may want to take it over.

Tip 2 - Bride's Style

Keep in mind the bride's own personal preferences when planning. If she would be easily embarrassed by a night of the more risque nature, opt for a day at the spa. Plan a whole day with high tea, a trip to the salon and drinks and dinner. Remember, taking care of the bride is the first priority. If there is going to be heavy drinking involved think about having it the weekend before the wedding instead of the night before.

Tip 3 - Invites

Ask the bride who she would like to invite. Sometimes they may not want their mom and mother-in-law included, so it is good to ask her for the list of guests. Be sure to make all the ladies aware of the date with plenty of time in advance. Everyone has busy schedules and it is best to give everyone the opportunity to arrange their schedules to go.

Be specific. Let invitees know times and the itinerary for the whole day. Some may want to meet up at one of the locations, but not all of them. You can ask for donations to do something extra special for the bride, like renting a limo for the day. Give a contact number to call for questions. Let guests know how much they can expect to spend for the day.

Tip 4 - Reservations

If you are planning the event at a popular place be sure to call and make reservations in advance. If you can't get in because a place is full, it could put a damper on the whole day. Depending on the size of the group, it may be feasible to rent a VIP booth at a club.

Tip 5 - Personalize the Experience

This is supposed to be a celebration of the last days as a single woman, so present your bride with some memories of that time.

  • Gather pictures and present her with a scrapbook of all the memories.
  • Leave a page blank at the end for wedding day photos of all the ladies while at her wedding.
  • Present her with special wedding day lingerie or other fun gifts to send her off on her "married way".
  • Personalize the experience for the guests too. Buy favors that all the ladies can wear on the night out to signify they are with your party. Tiaras and sashes are fun for guests to wear. Make a goody bag filled with survival items for the bachelorette party like aspirin, an icepack and lipstick.


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