Weed Eater Parts: How to Replace the Trimmer Head Cover

What You'll Need
Replacement Trimmer Head

Through extended use you may find that you need to replace weed eater parts to maintain your weed eater. One commonly replaced part is the trimmer head.

Step 1 – Remove the Line

The first step is to remove the line from the weed eater. You need to press down on the spool of line and then twist at the same time to remove the line.

Step 2 – Remove the Trimmer Head

Next, you need to remove the trimmer head. You first have to start by removing the bolt securing the head to the weed eater. Using your ratchet, loosen and remove the bolt from the trimmer head. Once the bolt has been removed, you can remove the head from the weed eater.

Step 3 – Install New Trimmer Head

Now you can place the new trimmer head onto the weed eater. You can secure the head to the weed eater using the same bolt that was on the previous head. Use your ratchet to tighten the bolt and secure the new head to the weed eater.

Step 4 – Replace the Line

Now you are ready to replace the spool of line. You will need to press the spool and twist at the same time to reconnect the spool of line to the weed eater.