Weed Eater Repair: Voltage Regulators and Switches Weed Eater Repair: Voltage Regulators and Switches

What You'll Need
Basic Hand Tools
Replacement Parts

Weed eater repair is something that a do-it-yourselfer can do with some basic hand tools. A weed eater is a great tool for keeping areas where the lawn mower will not reach trimmed and looking good. A weed eater is available in both an electric and motorized version. They also operate with the use of a throttle that spins the small plastic cutter on the bottom of the shaft. This cutter can be plastic blades, or a thin plastic string. Weed eater repairs are a part of owning one of these machines. When something goes wrong with the weed eater, here are some steps to fix the voltage regulator and switches.

Step 1: Remove Spark Plug

On motorized weed eaters you will need to remove the spark plug wire to ensure that there is no spark going to the starter. This will make sure that you do not receive and electrical jolt and that the motor cannot start by accident. You can pull the spark plug wire from the top of the plug, or remove the plug entirely. Removing the plug will allow you to see if there is any carbon build-up or if the spark plug needs to be changed. 

Step 2: Remove Cover to Engine

Most of the engine is visible, but there are some portions where you need to remove the plastic covering. This covering is held in place with tiny screws or with snap rivets. Depending on how the cover is attached use the appropriate means to remove the fasteners.

Step 3: Remove Wires to Switch

The on/off switch is the switch that needs the most repair. It can be broken through use and even storage. Use the screwdriver to loosen the attaching screws on the switch terminal. The wires may also be attached with the use of small press terminals. If so, pull them apart from the connector.

Step 4: Remove Switch

A small wrench will loosen up the nut that holds the switch to the body of the engine. Loosen this nut and then remove the switch. Clean the surface of any debris.

Step 5: Install New Switch and Wire

With the switch removed you can now set the new one in position. Attach the wires to the bottom of the switch through the means necessary. If they plug in through plug terminals, then press the two together. If they need to be attached to the screw terminals, remove 1/2 inch of insulation on the wire and attach to the screw heads. Tighten the screws to fasten the wires in place. Set the switch in position and tighten the retaining nut.

Step 6: Remove Voltage Regulator

The voltage regulator is found on an electric weed eater. It is a round silver cylinder that simply plugs into the starter. Once you locate this piece, pull it straight out. Position the new voltage regulator in the housing and line up the pins. Press it into the housing until it snaps in. 

Step 7: Replace Spark Plug

Replace the spark plug, and the wire, and then turn on the weed eater. Use the voltmeter on the electrical weed eater to make sure the regulator is working correctly.

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