Weep Holes Weep Holes

Weep holes are tiny slats or channels that are built in the masonry for providing an outlet for water inside a building to be conducted safely to the outer wall for evaporation.

Rationale Behind Providing Weep Holes

The temperature of air inside a house varies from the outside temperature by a few degrees. If the inside temperature is lower than the environmental temperature, there could be excess moisture generation within a room. Such moist conditions are ideal breeding grounds for mold and other fungi.

The presence of mold in our houses could be a potential health hazard. If you have weep holes built into the masonry, the moist internal air could be condensed through the channels. This weeping action conducts the water content in the air through the weep holes for evaporation at the outer wall.

If you are doing masonry as a part of a DIY project, please remember to provide screens for the weep holes. These are helpful in preventing insects and other reptiles from gaining access into your house through the weep holes.

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