Weight Load and Attic Access Ladders

Many people do not know this, but attic access ladders have a weight restriction that can affect how much you are able to carry into the loft at any one time. In order to get the best from your attic access ladders, you need to look at the weight rating of the ladder. This will tell you exactly how much your ladder will support.

Calculating the Weight

If you want regular access to storage in your attic, your attic access ladders will have to have the right amount of weight rating in order to support yourself, plus storage boxes being carried into the loft. Each time you add storage to the attic, you need to consider if you can carry it, or if you need to lighten the load a little.

Observing the Weight Rating

It is vital to observe the weight rating, and make sure that you comply with it at all times. This is because the ladder is simply not strong enough to support any more weight, and you are putting unreasonable pressure on the attic access ladders every time you break the weight limit. This could cause a serious accident, and will also break the ladder, costing you money when you have to replace it.