Welding Machine Parts Explained

Person welding

A welding machine is used to join two metal pieces together. It is widely used in construction of bridges, buildings, furniture making, and some machining applications. A welding machine consists of a variety of components. Some of them are explained below.

Parts of a Welding Machine:

Welding Cutters

Welding cutters, as the name suggests are used for cutting any metal. You can drill a hole in metal with a thickness of 1mm.

Welding Grinder

Welding grinders are used for finishing purposes. They are capable of making very fine and perfect light cuts. You can make cuts of whatever length you require.

Welding grinders contains a gearbox and a motor. This enables the use of welding grinders in extremely dusty conditions. This is in place because they are often used where metal and wood cause dust particles.

There are various welding benefits achieved from welding grinders including:

-Cuts with precision

-Less scrap generation

-Uniform cuts

-Produces consistent arc shape

-Enhances the life of the electrode

Welding Sensors

person welding a metal frame

Welding sensors form an important part of the welding machine. The sensors are capable of controlling and measuring the patterns while operating the welding machine. The welding sensor contains a thermoplastic cover. This allows the machine to get hot without the cover melting or otherwise becoming damaged.

Welding Regulators

Welding regulators are used for cutting heavy materials. The regulator has two tubes. One acts as an inlet and the other is an outlet. It controls the flow of liquid or gas inside and outside the welding machine. Welding regulators are an important part of the safety devices on the machine.

Welding Positioner

This device holds the area or the portion to be welded firmly. Its primary use is in pipe welding. The welding positioner stick to the area that has to be welded and helps you to cut accurately on a flat surface.

Welding Strikers

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Strikers are used to ignite a spark when the welding is being done. Welding strikers help in creating a perfect arc. The strikers are connected to the welding machine to ensure the safety of its use even in extremely bad weather conditions. Welding strikers are made of the following materials: Plastic, plated steel, metal, and acetyl.

Welding Safety Devices

Those parts of the welding machine that help in preventing an accident and protect the welder are called welding safety devices. They also help in enhancing the safety of the welding operation.

Types of Welding Safety Devices

There are a number of welding safety devices such as:

Air systems: Air systems allows the continuous supply of air and sucks away the chemical fumes that are unhealthy, if inhaled.

Voltage reduction safety devices: They control the voltage of the welding machine and keeps it at a minimum level that is safe.

Flashback arrestors: These are primarily used in gas welding. Check valves are used to ensure that the gas does not flow in the direction of the machine.