Welding vs Bolting Your Car Muffler

A red car with a shiny chrome muffler.

Fitting a car muffler is one of the best ways to give your car some much needed extra power and make it sound like it's running smoothly. A car muffler is used to reduce and tune the noise of an internal combustion engine. Mufflers are fitted in line with the car’s exhaust system.

Advantages of Fitting Car Mufflers

Installing a muffler in your car will help to do much more than just reduce the sound emitted from the exhaust. Mufflers are also able to improve fuel economy, engine performance, and will also make your engine last longer. A hot dog or resonator is a smaller type of muffler that can be fitted to produce large sounds.

Installing Mufflers

Installing a muffler is often seen as a task for professionals only. It is actually possible to fit a muffler to your car yourself just as long as you have the right tools. There are two main methods of installing a muffler — welding or bolting the muffler on. Either of these techniques will work, but which is the best option and why?

Welding Car Mufflers

car mufflers sitting on a floor

Many people think that welding the muffler into the exhaust pipe provides a much more professional finish. Welding the joint will create a much stronger bond which will be longer lasting. This will also prevent leaks from the exhaust system if it is done properly. There are, however, various problems with welding a car muffler.

Welding is a specialist skill that few people are able to master. If you're not an experienced welder, then it will be extremely challenging to create an airtight seal all around the exhaust. This is why many people are considering using mufflers that simply bolt onto your car’s exhaust manifold.

Bolting Your Car Muffler

A much more popular technique for fitting car mufflers is by bolting it into the exhaust pipe. This is a very popular method of installing a muffler because you don't need to worry about purchasing any specialist tools. Start by jacking up your car so that you can gain access to the underside of your car. To be safe, jack stands should be used, in case the jack fails for any reason. Then place the new muffler into place and make sure that the joints are tight and secure it before lowering the vehicle. You can then start your engine and listen for any leaks. If there are any loud noises that you wouldn't expect, this is probably caused by a leak.

Advantages of Bolting a Muffler

bolting a muffler onto the car

There are a lot of advantages to bolting your muffler on. It's much easier and as long as the correct seals are used there's no reason why it can't be as successful as welding a muffler. Bolting is ideal for anyone who is trying to install a new muffler at home.

Mufflers are important parts of your car’s exhaust system. Although they are often neglected, giving them some attention will keep your car properly muffled as you drive down the road.