Well Water Filters: How to Remove Carcinogens

A well water spigot.
What You'll Need
Water testing kit

When your home water supply comes from a well, you need to utilize the proper well water filters to remove contaminants and carcinogens from the water. Follow these steps to filter and properly maintain your well water system.

Install Filter

You will need to purchase and install a well water filter to make your water consumable. The installation process for every filter type will vary according to the manufacturer's instructions. The main function of a well water filtration system is to filter the water coming from the well before your family consumes it. Well water filters use a “largest-to-smallest” filtration system. In these systems, the largest contaminants are filtered first and the smaller contaminants are filtered later. Each step in the filtration process will filter a different carcinogen from the water, such as sediment, iron, and hydrogen sulfide. The filter will also remove metals and microbiological contaminants.

Continue Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your well water filter is vital to ensure proper filtration. Numerous water testing kits can be purchased. Use them to test the filtration of your water. Be certain to follow all maintenance and use guidelines of your well water filter to ensure that your water remains safe and drinkable.