Western Red Cedar Fences


Western Red Cedar is a component system comprised of boards, posts and rails. A wide variety of sizes, grades and accents may be added to create unique designs. Western Red Cedar, left uncoated, will weather to a beautiful silver gray. Dimensional stability makes this wood ideal for outdoor use. Cedar readily accepts stains and paints, letting you match the fence to other buildings.


Western Red Cedar can be employed for residential and commercial applications. Whether being used for screening in a privacy setting or a decorative setting, its natural characteristics, dimensional stability, and ability to be crafted into unique designs, make it an excellent choice.

Features and Benefits

  • Western Red Cedar easily accepts stains and paints while providing long lasting beauty and warmth to your home.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and grades, a unique wood fence system can be designed to match or compliment its surroundings.
  • Allowed to weather naturally, Western Red Cedar turns a silver gray, helping to create an economical barrier.
  • Western Red Cedar naturally resists rotting and insects, resulting in a durable, long-lasting fence system.
  • Properties of Western Red Cedar make it a dimensionally stable wood and one of the easiest to work with allowing almost anyone to install a wood fence from it.

  • Shadowbox
  • Spaced Board
  • Solid Board
  • Lattice
  • Post & Rail

Courtesy of Master Halco - www.fenceonline.com