What a Wood Planer Does

A wood planer is probably the most basic and yet versatile of tools. Planers have been around for many hundreds of years and have helped to create some furniture masterpieces. Modern planers vary in size and style but their basic premise has never changed.

What Does It Look Like?

A wood planer usually consists of a metal base that is flat. The base is split by an opening that contains an extremely sharp blade. The blade can be adjusted to plane off more or less of the surface of the wood. The handles are usually bulbous in shape, with one at the front and one at the back end.

How Does It Work?

Running the planer over the surface of the wood will shave off a minimal amount of the surface, helping to smooth out any roughness or defects in the wood. As the metal plate base glides over the wood the shaving edge will remove any protrusions and create a surface more akin to the flatness of the metal base. Eventually the wood surface will flatten out to a smooth finished piece, ready for sanding.


The shaving blade is adjustable and can be moved using the screw which holds it tightly in position. Loosening the screw will loosen the blade so you can adjust the depth of cut to the wood surface.