What Are Bermuda Wooden Window Shutters?

There are many styles of wooden window shutters, all of which add glamor to the interior or exterior of a home. Using Bermuda style shutters on a home is an attractive window decoration.


Bermuda shutters have a closed, louvered appearance where the louvers point downward. They act as an awning type shade for windows and can be fixed to the wall on the inside or exterior of the house. Bermuda shutters open and close in the same way that a casement window opens. They will usually have two or three hinges on either side to hold them to the frame and a closing mechanism to keep them shut. Some Bermuda shutters are also made to hang above a window and open outward. The long hinge runs the entire length of the top of shutter and opens horizontally and looks extremely attractive.


In term of design, Bermuda shutters give a home an exotic, tropical touch. They are naturally suited to a sunny climate or beach location and are perfect for use on beach houses. They can help against storms or windy conditions if placed on the outside. Do keep in mind, though, that they are not actual storm windows and they should not replace your storm window protection.