What Are Car Paint Codes?

Car paint codes are placed on all automobiles at the point of manufacture. Universally, they are located on the driver's side door panel, just underneath the lock. There will be a label, either paper or metal, that states car paint color or code so there is no confusion as to what it is. It will be a combination of letters and numbers and each of these mean something to an automobile paint distributor. Do not confuse the paint code with the VIN number as they are totally different.

What Car Paint Codes Tell You

A car paint code can tell an automobile paint company the date the car was painted, the type of paint used, the color used and various other important information. If you are going to a paint manufacture to get the paint, copy the entire code, including letters and numbers. Car paints are in 'lots,' and even though it may say the same color on numerous cars, the colors, dates and run are what is important. Auto manufacturers purchase their paint from different distributors and the color lots can vary a great deal from one batch to another.

Multiple Colors

If your car exterior has more than one color, it may be distinguished in the code as U for upper and L for lower color. This is also important when paint is ordered. Also keep in mind that paint fades, so as a car ages, even the perfect batch mixed will vary from the color on your car.