What are different types of snow fences I should consider?

There are 4 main types of snow fences: the living or natural, wooden, plastic and fiberglass. If you know how to garden or you have extra money to hire a landscaper, you can add living shrubs, small trees and plants around your house. It is cost-effective, looks great and is eco friendly, too. The only downside is you have to care for these plants daily.

Alternatively, you can go for wooden snow fences. They add a rustic appeal to any home and are easy to install. You can also add shrubs or plants to your wooden snow fences.

Plastic and fiberglass is another option if you think you don't have the time to maintain a wooden fence. Both plastic and fiberglass are durable and are almost maintenance-free. On the downside, they don't look as good as the natural or wooden types of snow fences.