What are Faux Roman Shades? What are Faux Roman Shades?

Faux Roman Shades mimic the shape and appearance of drawn Roman shades, but are stationary. Faux Roman shades can also be made out of materials which are not likely to be used in ordinary Roman shades. The former use wallpaper and wrapping fabrics, for example, even burlap. The faux Roman shades function rather like an inside pelmet, setting off the window to advantage.

False Roman Shades

With Faux Roman shades, the pleats and cords are in situ, and cannot be moved. These blinds can either be the same length as a working blind, sewn to the same measurements, or made 'short' by giving the appearance of pleats. The important thing to remember is that they should appear real, and not simply faked. Faux Roman shades can be made from authentic Roman shade material, or they can be made from left-over scraps such as wallpaper, or other ornamental paper fabrics.

Faux Roman shades can be decorated with cord and ribbons in order to give the appearance of a real Roman shade, but DIYers hoping for a quick fix can glue all of the accessories in place, rather than sewing the cord to each loop. The faux Roman shades can also be glued to the window frame, or to the edges of the walls, rather than being screwed or nailed to the frame.

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