What are Flush Hinges?

Every object with some type of lid or flap has hinges and the most common types are called flush hinges. Flush hinges are used on everything from boxes to doors. They may even be considered the most versatile of all types of hinges, since they can be used for almost any project as long that it is a flush surface.

What are they Exactly?

Flush hinges are usually hidden hinges that many cabinets and doors use. They can only be used on flush surfaces and doors.

What are my Options?

They come in different looks and sizes, and they also have their advantages and disadvantages for certain uses. Be sure to research which ones will be suitable for your project.


Here are the following styles that flush hinges come in:

  • Flush European hinge: a small horizontal hinge

  • Surface mount hinge: more decorative type of hinge

  • Butt hinge: most commonly used and seen on doors and cabinets

  • Barrel hinge: 100% hidden from view

  • Pivot hinge: used on furniture mostly

  • Two leaf hinges: used commonly for items that rotate 360 degrees

Flush hinges can be bought at almost any home repair/building store, though they may not be labeled as flush hinges. Just look for the styles that are named above as a guide.