What Are Key Fobs?

Originally, key fobs were decorative items carried along with keys on a key ring. This has expanded to include electronic keyless access control devices attached to keys and other small gadgets like flashlights bottle openers, USB flash drives, and many others.

The common type of electronic access key fobs are used to access motor vehicles but they are also used in access of buildings, garage doors, gates, networks, and other areas.

Vehicle Key Fobs

Used for motor vehicle access and applying one of two technologies, infrared and radio frequency, car key fobs work with an alarm system to arm or disarm the alarm aside from allowing access. Similar technologies are used in the key fobs used for gates and garage doors that lets you open and close them without having to come out of your car.

Building Access Key Fobs

They normally have a passive RFID tag and will work via a reader pad that communicates with a server. They are programmable to allow access to certain areas of a building and at a particular time.

Network Access Key Fobs

These will normally operate in a similar manner to a smart card having a two factor authentication setting and will allow access by use of the key fob and a PIN. Each key fob will have its own unique PIN. They keep a log on the access times, places and resources for each key fob.

Key fobs are also good items to give as keep sakes and souvenirs. You can also buy one for a friend or loved one which will have a special message inscribed on it.