What are My Options When it Comes to Custom Auto Upholstery?

Custom auto upholstery is a great way to make your car look different to any other model. Where standard auto upholstery is mass-produced and can be found on many different vehicles, the whole point of custom auto upholstery is that you can create your own look, or come up with something unique that expresses your personality.

The only limits are your imagination and understanding how different fabrics can go together. There is nothing to stop you mixing and matching fabrics in your upholstery. Sewing and fitting custom auto upholstery will require you to employ a professional company to carry out the work.


Leather is a very popular choice for custom auto upholstery and tends to be one of the most versatile materials available. The problem with leather is that it’s also the most expensive option, although it will wear better over time than many other materials.

You can choose your leather upholstery in a wide range of colors and finishes to suit your personal tastes. You can also use panels of different colors to create a pattern on seats or piping in contrasting colors displayed around the edges. Headers and the dashboard can be covered in leather too. Some people like suede, but this isn’t a great option because it doesn’t stand up to heavy wear and tear, especially on seats.


Fabric is much cheaper than leather and one that can easily be customized for your upholstery. You can use virtually any type of fabric with any type of pattern. Since most fabrics are quite strong, you will also have a lot of freedom in the choice of design for your custom auto upholstery, offering another way to make it stand out. By using a professional upholstery company, the design can be reproduced throughout the car, not just on the seats.

If you want to use a thin material on doors and headers, you can apply it yourself with some spray glue, a stretcher and clamps. However, for a higher standard of work, you’ll achieve a better result by using a professional company for custom auto upholstery.


Although vinyl can be used as a substitute for leather, it tends be a particularly unpopular option for custom auto upholstery. Like leather, it’s available in many colors and finishes, but looks aesthetically cheaper and doesn’t wear or age as well as leather.

Special Fabrics

One popular choice for custom auto upholstery is crushed velvet. When new, it looks wonderful. However, it’s not such a good long-term choice, as it shows wear very quickly and soon begins to look old. Additionally, it can be extremely difficult and expensive to clean. If you’re using your car regularly, it’s best to pick a different material.

Tweed is extremely hard-wearing and very unusual for auto upholstery. It’s very versatile, hard-wearing and easy to clean, making it a good choice for vehicles that are used on a frequent basis. Since it’s primarily used for clothing, it’s very easy to sew and the seams remain strong and hold their shape well.