What Are Outside Mount Blinds? What Are Outside Mount Blinds?

Any style of blinds can be hung as outside mount blinds. Learn more below about how an outside mount blind can enhance the look of your windows and provide better light management in your decor.

The Outside Mount

Outside mount blinds are hung outside the window frame on all sides. For a window that has no set-in window sill or frame, an outside mount is your only option for hanging blinds.

Benefits of an Outside Mount

By hanging blinds outside the window, you can set them closer to the wall surface, helping prevent light spillage into the room around the edges. This mount is ideal for a bedroom whose occupants need to sleep during the daylight hours. As well, you can conceal a window whose edges are not perfectly perpendicular, which looks out onto a mundane view, or which cannot be opened, with outside mount blinds.

How to Measure for Outside Mount Blinds

Measure at least three inches beyond the window edge at the top and each side to position an outside mount blind correctly. If your wall has several narrow vertical windows, place one wide blind over all of them to create the illusion of a single large window. State first the width, then the height when ordering blinds.




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