What are Strawberry Runners? What are Strawberry Runners?

When a mother plant sprouts shoots, these are called strawberry runners. The purpose of the strawberry runner is to make the plant bigger by planting this shoot in the ground. They will root in the ground, and the following year, these shoots will bloom their own flowers and fruit. These can give out their own shoots after a year.

You can start your own if you have an existing plant with runners. These can be moved to a separate are or grown in a container if desired. You take the rooted shoot and cut it from the mother plant. Remove it from the soil. This is now a new strawberry plant. Place it in breathable material, such as burlap, and chill it in the refrigerator. It will keep until ready to plant. Chilling it also assures that you will have a bumper crop from the plant.

When planting strawberry runners, plant them 6 inches apart. Cover to the top of the roots only being careful not to get it too deep or the plant will rot. After the flowers appear, you can add food to the runners with potash fertilizer.

After the fruit is produced, the plants will begin to sprout new strawberry runners.

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