What are Sustainable Indicators for Flat Screen TV's? What are Sustainable Indicators for Flat Screen TV's?

There are no sustainable indicators for flat screen TVs. Flat screen TVs expend more energy and require more electricity than cathode ray models of which they replaced some years ago. Claims by the industry and others that suggest that there are sustainable indicators for flat screen TVs seem to be at best false and at worse fraudulent and misleading.

What Are Sustainable Indicators?

Sustainable indicators are those that show that an appliance or piece of equipment meets energy saving and renewability standards. Such standards are set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who publishes product rating statistics. These rating statistics are designed to demonstrate the differences in claims concerning energy efficiency and whether or not a certain appliance or electronic item can make a claim about being sustainable. Flat screen TVs for the most part are not able as of yet to make such a claim.

What Flat Screen TVs Could Do

In time, technology may improve to make flat screen TVs less reliant on the energy grid and able to do things like store and reuse energy, run on less electricity or even convert sources like natural sunlight into energy. Until such time, claims about sustainability should be dismissed unless confirmed by a credible independent source.

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