What are Table Corner Brackets?

Table corner brackets provide reinforcement and stability to any table carpentry project. Corner brackets come in two different materials, metal or wood and varying sizes, depending on the need of your project. Corner brackets are attached to the underside of the table using screws, hanger bolts and standard or wing nuts, in the interior corner of the table. Brackets join the table leg, side rails, and table top together to provide additional support for the piece of furniture, and reduce the stress and wear on the individual components of the table.  

Where to Purchase

Corner brackets can be purchased online from woodworking supply companies or at home improvement stores, and some come in kits that include all of the hardware that you will need for the installation. You will need an exact measurement of the size bracket you will need for your project, as this may indicate whether you will want to use metal or wood corner brackets.

Different Materials

Metal corner brackets are predrilled and premeasured, offering convenience that wood may not. The limitations of metal brackets primarily come down to size and aesthetics. If you need an odd-sized bracket, you can make a custom sized bracket out of wood.  Additionally, some prefer to use only wood components in the construction as much as possible.