What are the Advantages of a Soft vs. Hard Tape Measure?

A softer tape measure has a number of alternative uses which make will make it more appealing to a DIY enthusiuast. Hard tape measures are useful in measuring extremely long lengths, but they can have a number of hazards that many do not even think about.


A soft tape measure is much less likely to injure the person using it. Hard tape measures can be clicked back in at high speeds. As many of them are metallic, this can mean nasty cuts to the user if the long tape slices a finger as it is withdrawn. Softer tape measures eliminate this danger.

Hard Areas

A softer tape measure will be able to get into more harder-to-reach areas. As it is soft, it means it can be bent and manipulated more easily to get measurements for difficult spots. If you try to manipulate a harder tape measure, it may snap and become unusable.


A soft tape measure is suitable for virtually any kind of measuring job. Some harder tape measures will damage material because of sharp and ragged edges. Softer versions don't do this and can be used at all times.

Round Areas

The flexible nature of a soft measure means it can be used to retrieve measurements on round or circular areas such as an external cylinder. Hard measures do not have this level of flexibility.