What are the Advantages of a Split Air Conditioner? What are the Advantages of a Split Air Conditioner?

For many homeowners, a split air conditioner is a great option for keeping their home cooled off during the hot summer days. Not only is the split air conditioner an efficient way to keep rooms cooled down, they are also a cost effective air conditioner.

Cost vs Expense

A split air conditioner will cost you more in the initial purchase than a regular window type air conditioner. The unit itself is a two part air conditioner that does not install the same way that a window type conditioner will. You may spend up to $300 for a window air conditioner. However, the split air conditioner can cost $3000 after the installation. In the long run, the cost of running the split air conditioner will actually be lower.


The split air conditioner is has that particular moniker for the fact that is has two pieces. There is a cold unit and a warm unit. They are separated to make the air conditioner more efficient in the way that it cools down the air and flows through the house. Of course, this means that this big advantage - being more efficient - also carries with it a certain disadvantage.

The installation is much more involved than simply resting it into a window. You have an outdoor condensing unit and an inside unit. They are attached by tubes and ducts that transfer the air. Installation requires cutting holes into the home, finding a stable place for the outdoor unit, and placing the cooling system in a furnace or other area where it can use the home's duct work.

Whole House Cooling

The reason that the split air conditioner is so advantageous over window type air conditioners is that they cool the entire house. Using the existing duct work in the house, the cool air is transported not in just one room, or area of the home, but through all of it. This makes the cooling much more efficient and easier to control. While one room may be very cold, making the rest of the house feel warmer, each room is the same temperature.

Lower Energy Bills

Since you are heating the entire house at once, you do not need multiple air conditioners in each room all working on a constant basis. The split air conditioner can be connected to a thermostat which will turn the cooling system on and off when the temperature calls for it. This will decrease the current energy bill costs which will lead to eventual savings during the summer months.

Winter Maintenance

With a window air conditioner you simply remove it from the window when the colder weather comes. However, with a split air conditioner you will need to winterize the system to make sure it will be working in the next summer. Preparing the outside unit with antifreeze and thermal covering will help with this process.

A split air conditioner is one of those appliances that carry both advantages and disadvantages. In this case, the advantages do outweigh the bad. Savings, and efficient cooling are two the of the major advantages to using a split air conditioner system.

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