What Are the Advantages of Using a Self Leveling Compound What Are the Advantages of Using a Self Leveling Compound

A self leveling compound is primarily utilized for smoothing out and setting up the floor surface for carpet, wood, stone, tiles and other final coverings; it is used to repair cracks and steamroll concrete surfaces.

There are variety self leveling compounds which have specific uses for a number of situations. The more common types of these compounds are water based and acrylic based. The water based self leveling compound is usually mixed with a specified amount of cold and clean water, the amount of which can be modified depending on the temperature and the floor’s absorption. On the other hand, an acrylic-based self leveling compound is meant to be combined with the equivalent liquid polymer. Aside from these, the manufacturers are continuously expanding their own specialized brand types to meet the different surface needs. 

These self leveling compounds are ideal for either the outdoor or indoor facade. It ranges from .04 to .4 inches in thickness and is particularly designed for installation via mixer pump or by hand. Here are some of the advantages of using a self leveling compound.

Easy Application

Self leveling compound comes in a ready to use mixture and is relatively easy to apply. You can effortlessly apply it to a surface in 10 to 25 minutes, depending on the brand used and the area to be covered; it must be in a temperature between 41 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not combine cement, lime or gypsum to the self leveling compound mixture. Also, when the mixture begins to set, do not add more water. You will be amazed that there is no need for special equipment or an unusual tool to apply it.

Fast Drying

Ideally, the surface can be used after 24 hours after its application. However, the drying time of the self leveling compound may vary with different temperatures.

Offers a Smooth Surface

After applying the self leveling compound, you will find that unevenness is a thing of the past. A number of these products are polymer modified product which makes it flexible and resistant to moisture when installed. It allows the bubbles to rise above the surface rather than remaining trapped in the compound, which would lead to a bumpy surface; this makes it smooth without further surface finishing needed. As such, it diminishes the appearance of the bubbles and makes the floor ever flat.

High Compressive Strengths

Self leveling compounds are not intended as a final floor surface. The materials which made up the compound are not for frequent walking or other foot traffic. Self leveling compounds are intended for the sub floors, to be covered by carpet, ceramic tiles, wood or vinyl. If your home has under the floor heaters, it is highly advisable to make sure that the self leveling compound product selected is suited to the heat exposure. Do ask your hardware store personnel about this.


With its easy to use directions, self leveling compound can save you money from the additional cost of hiring somebody to do the installation.

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