What Are the Advantages to Having a Room Thermostat

There are several advantages to having a room thermostat instead of a unit that controls the entire operation of your home heating and cooling system. Unless you are using a multi-zone digital programmable thermostat, separate room thermostats connected to your home heating and cooling sources will help maintain separate environments with temperature needs more strictly controlled.


A room thermostat can help maintain the temperature in the environment to within a degree or so. Properly wired and installed individual room thermostats will send a signal to the boiler or furnace to turn itself off when there is no demand for heating or cooling. This feature will prevent the boiler or furnace from firing when its internal temperature dips stopping what is referred to as “dry cycling.” This adds to greater energy savings.

Other Advantages

Individual room thermostats provide the advantage to set optimal start up temperatures that send signals to the boiler or furnace to fire up at different times when needed. This way, bedrooms can be set to fire up at awakening times while other living areas of the home nay have different time settings.

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