What Are The Advantages to Using Oak for Your Log Furniture?

Oak is a traditional hardwood used in log furniture construction. Oak has a great rustic look, and your furniture can be designed to show off its beautiful grain. There are many advantages to using oak in your log furniture plans, although there are disadvantages as well.

Advantages to Using Oak

Oak is a traditional material, and so it contributes to a rustic theme in rooms. It is also very durable, so you can use it in heavily used furniture pieces such as chairs, tables, and sofa frames. Oak is perhaps one of the most widely available woods, and is, therefore, not too expensive. You may also be able to buy second-hand oak doors and cabinets which can be converted into log furniture. Oak takes varnish well, resulting in a handsome piece of furniture that you will enjoy for many years.


Oak can be very heavy, not just physically, but also in the effect, it has upon a room. you may find that it dates your home decor, especially if you are going for a contemporary look. Oak can also have serious problems such as blight, which can affect the appearance of the wood.