What Are the Best Types of Shovels for Snow Shoveling? What Are the Best Types of Shovels for Snow Shoveling?

There are many types of snow shovels that you can choose from when snow shoveling, such as the electric snow shovel, steel snow shovel, folding snow shovel and push snow shovel.

Folding Snow Shovel

Folding snow shovels are portable and compact. This type of shovel is perfect if you live in an area that is prone to snow. A folding snow shovel can easily be stored at the trunk of your car.

Steel Snow Shovel

Steel snow shovels are made of durable steel that is perfect for shoveling large amounts of snow. Steel snow shovels are more expensive than some types of snow shovels. It is also heavier. Steel snow shovels are perfect for small business owners as well as homeowners who regularly need to clear a large space of snow.

Push Snow Shovel

A push snow shovel looks like your ordinary snow shovel except that it is rounded at the bottom, making it easier to move the snow away rather than lifting the snow shovel.  A push snow shovel minimizes the effect of back strain

Electric Snow Shovel

An electric snow shovel is a power tool that is used to remove large amounts of snow with minimum manual labor. Electric snow shovels can clear as much as six-inches of snow. Electric snow shovels are the most expensive type of snow shovels, with a price or around $100.

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