What are the best ways to keep pests out of a free standing pantry?

If you have a free standing pantry, then you may occasionally experience a pest problem that leads to food waste. In order to keep the pests out of your pantry, keep those foods that the pests find the most attractive off the ground. Also, keep your pantry clean and tidy, ensuring that all food containers and packets are firmly sealed. If you have foods in bulk, you can vacuum seal their packaging for storage. Do not keep unopened food products past their "use by" dates or 18 months, whichever comes first. With nothing to eat, most pests will not hang around. It depends on the type of pests that you have visiting your conservatory, but putting down rat poison or moth traps may prove useful. However, be careful to not lay any poison near the food. Placing it near cracks and doorways would be safer.