What Are the Best Zones for Evergreen Climbing Vines?

Evergreen vines will flourish all year round and will camouflage and fences or other structures in your garden. However vines can sometimes be difficult to keep and require the right climate and level of sunshine. This handy guide will tell you which zones are best for the varieties of vines you wish to plant. 

Zones 1-3

In the cooler zones 1-3, you will need to plant vines that are happier with rainier weather. Virginia creeper and Engleman Ivy are very versatile plants that will change color spectacularly in the fall months. Surprisingly grapes will fare well in zone 3.., however the fruit will be very bitter.

Zones 4-7

Bignonia will be happy in these zones, in particular the Shalimar red variety which will produce vibrant blossoms. The hydrangea vine will also flourish, however it will often take a few years to cultivate. Jessamines will also thrive, flowering twice in a year, in spring time and again in fall. 

Zones 7-11

Clematis Armandii will thrive in this zone, producing robust white flowers. With the temperatures in these zones you however, you will often need to plant hardier species. Boston Ivy, Moonvine, Trumpet Creeper, Passion Flower, Crossvine and Calico will all fare well, as will Blue Sky Vine and Herald's Trumpet.