What are the Differences Between Arc Welding Goggles and Torch Goggles?

One of the most important pieces of PPE, personal protection equipment, while welding are welding goggles. Welding goggles can protect the eyes from dirt, dust, flying debris, and harmful rays that can burn or irritate the eyes. Goggles are so important that OSHA requires that all individuals working as welders within a company wear them when welding or being near others who are welding.

There are different goggles available for different types of work and it is important to make sure to wear the correct goggles for the job. The two main types of goggles are welding goggles and torch goggles and there are some significant differences between the two of them.

Arc Welding Goggles

Arc welding goggles have a tint shade of 10 to 14 which is quite high on the shade level because it is necessary for the goggles to protect the eyes from ultraviolet light and infrared radiation. Most arc welding goggles darken as soon as an arc is struck so that there is instant protection but this is not true for every pair of goggles. 

Torch Goggles

Torch goggles have a tint shade of 3 to 6 which is on the lower end of the shade spectrum because there is no ultraviolet light that can harm the eyes during torching. These goggles are typically used to protect the eyes from low levels of infrared radiation, dirt, dust, and flying debris.

It is always best to make sure that the goggles being used have the right shade level and that they will protect the eyes from any sort of danger in a welding or cutting environment.