What Are The Different Sunroom Roof Types?

Building a sunroom does not mean that you have to have one just like all the others. There are 4 basic styles of sunroom to choose from, and 5 different types of roof.  The basic styles define the interior purpose, such as a patio garden or an extravagant conservatory. The roof types define the external appearance, but also determine how well your room addition will match the existing home.

Curved Eave

This type of sunroom roof curves over the corners of the room instead of coming to a junction. The corners are formed by using curved panes of glass.

Straight Eave

The straight eave is perhaps the most basic type of sunroom roof. The roof panels end at the top of the walls, forming a distinct junction where the two meet.

Slanted Roof

A slanted roof is a single flat roofing expanse, usually starting high up against the home and slanting down and away from it, with the drainage being on the side farthest from the home.

Cathedral Roof

A cathedral roof has a slanted roof style similar to a straight eave, but the top is often capped with one or more flat panels, providing the vaulted, cathedral appearance.

Solid Roof

A solid roof is generally a regular style of roofing, matching the roofing style for the rest of the home.