What are the Responsibilities of the Wedding DJ?

A wedding DJ has a very important role in the big day. Besides music, he is responsible for conducting the schedule and the flow of the wedding and reception.


The DJ should have ample music that suits your style and can fit special requests. You should meet with the DJ weeks before the wedding to make a list of personal selections. Besides these special songs, the DJ should be able to fill in the rest of the time with appropriate selections. Make sure he has instrumental music for dinner and party music for dancing.

The DJ is responsible for bringing all music equipment needed, such as speakers, microphones and extension cords. Be sure to ask if the DJ is familiar with the location of your reception, and invite him to take a look to see where set up is best.


The DJ can make or break the mood of a wedding. Do research to find someone that suits your style. Also, meet with your DJ and make clear the order you want things to happen. Remember that the evening will include introductions, toasts, the first dance, father/daughter dance, dinner, cutting the cake and more.

Also, you may want to tell the DJ of any special requests. Don't like the "Macarena"? Be sure to ask that it not to be played! If there will be a slide show presentation, ask if he has special audio/visual equipment for that.