What are Thermofoil Cabinets?

If you are planning on undergoing a kitchen refurbishment, thermofoil cabinets are an option you might want to consider. Prior to deciding whether they would make a good alternative to more standard materials, it is useful to be aware of their qualities.


Thermofoil cabinets are mostly commonly found in the kitchen as a replacement to the standard cabinets. This is due to the fact that thermofoil offers a number of advantages for kitchen use. 


The main materials used to manufacture thermofoil cabinets are particleboard and laminate, which work together to create a strong and durable cabinet that looks no different than standard cabinets.


In addition to the materials used, the manner in which thermofoil cabinets are constructed provide them with the qualities that make them popular. The particleboard is sandwiched between the laminate, which is fused to the surface to reduce the damage and peeling that can occur with other materials.   


The qualities of thermofoil cabinets make it a popular choice when a kitchen refit is being undertaken. In addition to being hard wearing, the cabinets are easy to clean and able to resist stains and waterproof.