What Are Three Panel French Doors? What Are Three Panel French Doors?

French door panels are one of the most common types of doors seen today. They are well-loved because the framing looks beautiful and welcoming. The panels each have frames on them that make it possible for light to shine through.

Features of a Three Panel French Door

Of the three panels doors that appear on the unit, two are active, operational doors and the third is inactive, meaning it remains closed. The active ones are often found on the sides so that the door jambs can be locked. This is a major shift from the two panel French doors that were thought to be unsecure since they are only locked to each other. With the three panel variety, each door can be secured to the sill.

This type of French door is also very easy to install. You can do it with the help of another person. Most of them are prehung so it makes the job a lot easier. You also need the right set of instructions from the manufacturer.

Uses for Three Panel French Doors

French door panels make attractive, architectural entryways to patio and decks. They are usually available in wood, making them an ideal design transition from an interior room to the outdoorsy theme of the patio or lanai.

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