What Are Wood Balusters? What Are Wood Balusters?

Wood balusters are molded square, shaft or turned in lathe forms that are made of wood. They are used to stand on a unifying footing and support a parapet or banister, which is also known as handrail, on a staircase.

Maintenance of Wood Balusters

A wood baluster is made from a natural material that is susceptible to decay, rot, termites and vermin. Hence, they should be taken care of properly if you want them to last for years. A good application of anti-termite solution should be done prior to any painting or staining. A paint or stain is a good way of preserving the looks of the wood over time. To prevent decaying or rot, wood banisters should not be installed in places with too much moisture. They are also not suitable to be used outdoors.

Designs for Wood Balusters

There are a lot of designs as well as sizes for wood balusters in the market. The choice would depend on the kind decoration or theme that you want inside your home. Most of the designs are ready to finish and install and come in various kinds of wood. Generally, these are grouped under softwood and hardwood. There are also imported wooden balusters to choose from should you not find anything from the local products to your liking.

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