What Brake Noise Means to Your Car

Here are the common reasons on what brake noise means to your car. Although a brake noise in your vehicle does not automatically indicate a problem in your braking system it is recommended to check it to ensure your safety.

Bad Brakes

When you hear a noise of metal grinding to metal every time you apply the brakes this means that you need to replace your braking system. Have your brake shoes, pads, drums and rotors replaced to avoid vehicular accidents due to braking system failure.

Brake Springs

Your vehicle’s brake system consists of hydraulic pistons and springs. A spring by itself squeaks resulting to brake noise. A thorough check up in your braking system by a professional mechanic is necessary to determine if the brake noise in your car is due to squeaking springs or something more drastic such as bad brakes.

Worn Warning Tab

Your vehicle is equipped with a warning tab that gauges the surface left on your brake pads. When your brake pads are worn, the warning tab emits a distinct noise to indicate that your brake pads need replacement. A worn warning tab is the most common cause of brake noise.

There are cases wherein the noise you hear every time you apply the brakes does not come from the brakes itself. The noise could come from the trunk lid, shock absorbers and other springs which could easily be fixed by greasing.