What Caulking Sealant to Use for Fish Tanks

Fish owners need to know what caulking sealant to use for fish tanks. Whether you enjoy creating your own aquariums or have to repair the occasional leak, it’s important to know which sealants are safe for your fish.

Why Should I be Concerned?

Anything you place in your fish tank has the potential to leach harmful, poisonous chemicals into the water. Even decorative items that seem harmless, such as pieces of natural driftwood or porous rock, can harbor hazardous chemical residues that can kill fish. Everything that comprises the aquarium environment must be chosen with care.

Which Sealant is Safe to Use?

There is a safe alternative. Silicone without additives is safe to use in aquariums. Don’t choose silicones that have been approved for bathroom use because they contain mildew inhibitors. Those are fatal to fish. Only 100 percent pure silicone will be safe for the fish. When the pure silicone is dry, it is inert.

Safety First

Always work with silicone in a well-ventilated space. It has a very strong vinegar-like odor that can cause irritation. Also, make sure that the silicone is completely dry before filling the aquarium and replacing the fish.

Fish tanks are fun to own and provide many advantages for ourselves and our families. Pure silicone is the best sealant to use if repairs become necessary.