What Causes a Clogged Pool Pump?

If you own a pool or are otherwise in charge of maintaining a functioning pool pump, you will most likely deal with clogs in your pump impeller at some point. There are a number of things that may creep into your pool and clog your pump, and knowing the types of items that typically clog a pool pump can help you to prevent a problem before it starts.

Natural Clogs

The most common sources of pool pump clogs are typically natural substances such as leaves, twigs and berries that may fall off of trees or otherwise blow into your swimming pool. In addition to these types of potential clogs, substances such as hair and animal fur might become clogged in the impeller, especially if you allow a dog to swim in your pool.

Man-Made Clogs

In addition to the types of items detailed above that may naturally find their way into your swimming pool, you also will want to watch out for man-made items that you put into your pool yourself. Things of this nature would consist of small toys, sunscreen caps or nose plugs. Just as with natural causes of clogs, just be sure and try to keep your pool as clean as possible and you should be able to avoid most clogs.