What Causes a Hot Water Tank to Leak?

It can be worrisome if you find your hot water tank has a leak. The following 3 steps can help you determine what might be the cause of the leak.

Step 1 – Check Condensation
Sometimes, what appears to be a leak may be as simple as condensation on your tank. If you find the water dripping down the sides of the tank and a pool of water on the floor, this could be condensation caused by cold water entering the tank–particularly if you live where the humidity is high. To determine if this is the cause, turn off the water heater's electrical power and leave it off for a few hours. If there is still a pool of water running down the tank, condensation is not the cause of the water accumulation.

Step 2 – Check the Temperature Pressure Relief Valve
The temperature pressure relief valve (tpv) may be the source of a leaking tank. Double check to make sure the tpv is closed tight. If it is not closed tight, tighten it.

Step 3 – Check Leaking Seams
It is time to replace your tank if you find water leaking from the tank's seams. This leaking may be caused by tank corrosion.