What Causes a Pressure Drop in a Hot Water Tank?

A hot water tank lasts for years. After a few years you may find that the water pressure has gotten weak. Causes for this may be determined and remedied with a little bit of work.

Causes of Reduced Water Pressure

A small leak in a water pipe can cause lessened water pressure through the hot water system because the water is not going through the system, but escaping. Calcium, naturally found in water, can build up after time in a water pipe. Lime scale can also build up in the pipes and reduce the amount of water that flows.


Leaks may be easy or difficult to find. Since water pipes run through the home to all facilities you may have to find where the leak is through accessing the pipes. Cutting small holes in a wall may not be an option, but you can see leaks by looking through the bathtub access panel.

Calcium and Lime Scale Build-up

Calcium can be cleared away with a chemical being run through the system. There are many products on the market that are designed to dissolve these deposits.

Other Considerations

The hot water tank may be the problem as well. After 10 years it is important to keep diligent attention to ensure that the low water pressure is not a problem with the tank itself.