What Causes Ceramic Floor Tiles to Crack?

Installing a ceramic floor can provide you with a very durable and beautiful flooring option throughout your home. However, ceramic is known to crack under certain conditions. Since ceramic is one of the harder floors on the market, many wonder what causes it to crack. Here are a few things to consider when trying to fix a crack on a ceramic floor.


One of the most common issues with ceramic cracking is the sub floor settling. If you have a concrete subfloor, it is not uncommon for the concrete to move over the years. The house will settle and make the sub floor uneven. When part of the sub floor moves out from under the tile, it can crack the tile as a result.

Installer Error

Another common reason that a ceramic tile cracks is because of installer error. If you do not level out the thinset when you install tile, it can create holes. When you lay the tile, you need the entire backing of the tile to be in the thinset. If part of it is not touching, it creates a hollow spot. Unless tile is fully supported, it is actually quite brittle. Therefore, when this happens, all it takes is someone putting too much weight on the top of the tile to crack it.