What Causes Copper Pipe Corrosion What Causes Copper Pipe Corrosion

Copper pipe corrosion is something that needs to be paid great attention to. Corrosion of pipes can mean contamination to your water.

Copper pipe corrosion is basically the melting away of your pipes. Corrosion eats at your pipes, causing the material to wear away.

Below you can explore what to look for, and how to stop this from happening to your piping system.

PH Balance

Probably one of the most easiest things to do first is to check the pH balance of your water. This simply means checking to see how acidic your water actually is. Highly acidic water can cause corrosion.

There are pH balance testers available on the market. Pick one up, and test out your water. If your pH balance comes back low, that means that the amount of acid contained in your water is fairly high.

Pipe Grounding

Another thing to look at is how well your pipes are grounded. If they are improperly grounded, this can cause corrosion as well. This happens because improper grounding causes the pipes to become in contact directly with certain things that aid in the corrosion process.

Fixing corrosion is not fun, however how early it is detected is key. Walk around your pipes every now and then. Any discoloration will clue you in to the fact you may have a problem.

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