What Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Is Most Popular?

Restaurant kitchen

Restaurants will always need a commercial kitchen exhaust fan to eliminate smoke and odors inside the kitchen and prevent it from going to the dining area. Unlike a regular exhaust fan found in your home, a commercial kitchen exhaust fan is heavy duty and larger than a residential model, designed to deal with the higher levels of heat, smoke, and grease found in restaurant kitchens.

Types of Kitchen Exhaust Fans

The most popular type of commercial kitchen fan is the stainless steel restaurant hood type exhaust that has a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)to exhaust moisture and odors. Restaurants, especially fast food restaurants, have large ovens, deep fryers, griddles, and woks that will make a lot of grease, heat, and smoke. This type of exhaust will provide excellent ventilation, designed to use over the high heat equipment used in restaurant kitchens.

The HRV is also one part of the ventilation system that helps to recover energy by taking in the heated air and returning it to the hot kitchen area as cooled and filtered air that is also needed by the people working in the area.