What Cordless Impact Tools Are Really Better Corded?

With the increased availability of cordless impact tools, many mechanics and home auto repair enthusiasts have stopped to think about whether or not to invest in a cordless impact wrench or power tool.


There are times when using a cordless impact wrench has a definite advantage over a traditional air impact wrench. A traditional air impact wrench requires the use of an air compressor, which can be bulky and downright inconvenient at times. When changing only one tire or sorting through parts at a yard, using a cordless impact tool can make quick work of the job at hand.

Also, for traveling mechanics who may not be able to carry an air compressor, using a cordless impact tool to quickly remove a tire for a stranded motorist is definitely a benefit.


While cordless impact tools are definitely more convenient to use at times, a traditional air impact tool not only costs less to purchase, but is readily available at almost any power tool supply retailer. By comparison, cordless power impact tools can be more than twice as much to purchase as traditional air compressor power impact tools.

Also, in many cases, mechanics find that in order to work efficiently, they need to purchase several additional batteries so that they can swap them out regularly. This adds substantially to cost because batteries alone can run anywhere from 20 dollars per battery or more.
Also, cordless impact tools are very heavy, because it is not just the tool you hold in your hand, but also the battery that is powering the tool.

And even with this heavy battery power, the maximum length of time most compact impact tools work with batteries is about 1 to 2 hours before it is necessary to either change out the battery or wait for the battery to recharge before it can be used again.

For mechanics and others who need the convenience of being able to use their tools without being tied to an air compressor, using a cordless impact tool can be invaluable. However, they have definite downsides in their cost, weight and length of time that they work on battery power.