What Does a Water Heater Gas Control Valve Do?

A gas control valve is an essential component of a water heater unit. This valve is in charge of the gas that is used to actually heat the water. If it does not work properly, the whole system will fail. Read on to learn about how this feature works.

Connections to the Gas Control Valve

The gas control valve is attached to the water heater through 3 tubes: one for the pilot, one for the thermo-couple and one for the burner. Each of those connections has to be secure for the heat to respond properly and get the water to your desired temperature. If there is a misreading at any point, you may experience water that is too hot or too cold for your liking.

Fixing Your Gas Control Valve

If you find that your gas control valve is acting up, first make sure all of the connections to it are properly secured. If they are and you are still experiencing issues, turn off the power. Disconnect the hoses and replace the valve. All you really need to do that is a wrench and some basic know-how.

To test for leaks in the future, spray soapy water on the fittings and watch for any bubbles that may arise.