What Does an Expansion Tank Inlet Do in Electric Water Heaters? What Does an Expansion Tank Inlet Do in Electric Water Heaters?

Many homes are now fitted with electric water heaters. An electric water heater uses electricity instead of using gas or solar energy to heat the water that is stored in a tank for later use. There is no venting necessary for an electric water heater. The average water tank holds between 40 and 60 gallons of water. There are many components associated with an electric water tank.

How an Electric Water Heater Works

External water fills the water tank from the bottom up. The water tank is pressurized, allowing used water to be replaced with hot water. There are two heating elements. One can be found on the top, and the other on the bottom of the tank. The bottom element heats the water as it enters the tank and the top element keeps the water at the top warm.

Expansion Tank Inlet

The internal part of an expansion tank consists of two parts, one side contains water and the other side contains air separated by a diaphragm. The lack of pressure in the water tank will put pressure on the diaphragm in the expansion tank. The movement of the diaphragm presses against the expansion tank water inlet valve, allowing the expansion tank to relieve the pressure from the water tank.

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